Old notes posted on the site:

July 03, 2006

I have added a few more downloadable posters to the graphics page. Check them out. Please send us any pictures or quotes that you think would look good on a poster. It would be great to get some pictures from other parts of the world

May 22, 2006

Congratulations to the Mt Everest Climb for Peace! The team reached the summit on May 18th at 6:51am. See all the details at www.EverestPeaceProject.org

May 14, 2006

The Mt Everest Climb for Peace has left advanced base camp today to begin the summit push. Check out the daily record of this amazing event at www.EverestPeaceProject.org
I have been toying with several new graphics projects, including greeting cards and a calendar. I have also started keeping the camera with me at all times to capture some new moments. Keep watch for some new graphics. If you have any pictures that you think would make good posters, please e-mail them to me.

September 25, 2005

During this time of devastation in the southern United States, it is inspiring to see the outpouring of help for the people affected. From churches throwing open their doors and mobilizing their congregations, to school children organizing support for refugee students, the love flows without judgment or politics - just family helping family. Peace is already here, in little pockets of ordinary people like you and me. We are the future and we are Peace.

September 18, 2005
Yesterday was the worldwide celebration of Earthdance 2005. At 4:00pm Pacific Time, in over 150 cities around the world, people joined hands to send a prayer for peace to our beautiful earth. I attended one of these celebrations and was moved by the energy that was generated. It was a most memorable experience. Our concept of Peace at Seven was also warmly received and I am hoping we have made some new friends who will pass the word on to dedicate one minute a day to the intention for peace.

September 13, 2005
We have had a few people ask us to pass on information about events that they are involved in. We have added an Events page to help them out. See if there is anything there you might like to follow up on. Your feedback is most welcome and we can post pictures and reviews if you send them. We also welcome information on any other upcoming events.
In response to our requests for quotes, we received some wonderful poems. These do not fit the format of the Quotes page so we started a whole new page to show them off. Check out Poems

August 21, 2005
I have been busy fixing my computer lately but finally got the "bugs" worked out and was able to update the site a bit. Please check out the Downloadable Graphics. I have added a few posters featuring my little farm :-) and a great new graphic from Sonnenburg. They should print from File but double check your settings and print preview first.

There are lots of new pins on our world map. Thank you!!!!! Please feel free to send us an e-mail any time and give us some new quotes for the page. They don't have to be from famous people and some of your own thoughts would be wonderful to post.

Keep the wheel spinning and set yourself a reminder. We will all be with you at 7pm.